Pose Dynamics Module

$28.00 / month

86 lessons with cover more than 100 poses and variations. All videos are shot from multiple angles.
Alignment logic that prioritizes safety and gains in body awareness, skill-building, developing strength and flexibility.
Content can be completed within 1 month.

* 14 lecture-based and practice modules, including “Pose Dynamics,” are also available as a part of “Base Subscription.




There is no such thing as “correct alignment” in yoga. What is considered “correct” depends on the tradition, teacher, practitioner, or circumstances.
Depending on the logic of the alignment, the same pose can lead to different results. Certain alignment logic may not be suitable for people with limitations in strength/flexibility or people with injury. It is also important to remember that sometimes, what does not feel dangerous at the moment may eventually lead to compounded chronic injury.

This “Pose Dynamics” module represents the approach to alignment developed at YogaJaya with the goal of making the practice as safe as possible and facilitating the development of physical abilities, skills, and, most importantly, body awareness.

While we do not claim that our approach is the most “correct,” we believe that anyone can benefit and learn something useful from it.

The module consists of 86 lessons that cover more than 100 poses and variations. All videos are shot from multiple angles to highlight the most relevant details. This is a bilingual module, so it is also recommended for practitioners and teachers who want to become more familiar with English cues.